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Posted 06-27-2020 at 10:10 AM by cjr3559

The wife and I had some time to shoot again the other night and thought we’d continue our success by playing some more ‘Mr. and Mrs. Pocket Billiards’.

Apparently my skills have increased in the last couple weeks. She had won 4 out of 6 games last time (2 because I fouled out), but this time I took the first game handily by getting some clear shots on the 1-2-3 and by getting a nice 4-15 combo.

Quickly her interest in this game fell when I continued my runs in game 2 and she was missing too many easy shots. Then the situation devolved into accusatory jabs the game is condescending and sexist. Ouch.

I had to come up with a solution or she’d be lost for good. We’d wind up playing 8-ball and where she believes she has an edge and she really doesn’t.

Come to the rescue ‘Forty-One Pocket Billiards’.


I’ve never played this game in my life until the other night. I really had to sell this game and fast as I was running out of options, and it’s a good chance to use those number pills whose sole purpose in most homes is to collect dust, get lost, or wind up garage sale fodder.

First selling point of Forty-One; using said number peas. They’re small, seem like fun.

Second; the secretive nature of keeping your pea private. People love keeping secrets about their success.

Third; you can shoot at whatever you want, as long as the total of all your balls equal 41 to win,

And fourth - (the most appealing to her); each player gets one shot at the table per turn whether you make something or not. No more 4-5 ball runs while she makes 1 or none.

Some honorable mentions of why this game’s a winner:

It’s fast; a game was 5-10 minutes.

The strategy. As I always got closer to 41 quicker than her and my options of available balls diminished, she could tell what I needed and could plan accordingly.

Still, I won all the games but one, but this will be something she’ll want to play again. Guaranteed.
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