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Travel Tips

Posted 05-18-2013 at 04:49 PM by Nostroke
Updated 06-27-2018 at 07:38 AM by Nostroke

These are not all inclusive. They are from my experience and you are probably not going to find them elsewhere. For the most part they are copy/pasted from my computer and humor free. Get your regular worn out tips from standard travel sites. These tips do not apply to all. If any fit for you, then good. Females will not get as much as men out of these.


Under no circumstances unless you know the individual hotel, should you book a Ramada, Motel 6, Super 8, Intown Suites, Extended Stay or a regular Holiday Inn (Holiday Inn Express's are all excellent as are Hampton Inns). The Holiday Inns are usually just way under expectations but the others can be downright scary. I left a Motel 6 once in the middle of the night terrified and unable to sleep. Not that they are all bad-they aren't but you wont know til you get there.

At Red Roof you have about a 90% chance of it being fine. They have the best doors in the industry regardless of cost if you like quiet. They do open directly to the outside which many experts advise against but I'm fine with them.

Take one credit card and piece of ID and keep them separate from the rest. If your purse or wallet is stolen/lost during the trip, you will still be able to get home without a huge hassle and delay.

If you are not carrying on, keep your essential MEDS, keys, and a pair of undies with you onboard especially if you are to arrive in the evening.


Select clothes where possible for their packability-Blue Jeans take up more space than most anything-Avoid them or wear them.

Back-up pants- Chances are you wont need them-consider using your bathing suit, track shorts or other small shorts for use in the laundromat if a disaster befalls your primary wardrobe.

Consider doing a load of laundry mid trip or dropping them off at a 'wash and fold'. If you can do this you probably wont need these packing tips at all.

Depending on your destination, your desperation and probably your gender, it may be better to purchase deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream etc upon arrival especially if there is a Walmart, Dollar General or dollar shop close by.

Do not pack any 'might needs' of size if, in the event of an emergency, they are easily obtained at your destination.

Do not pack a banana- a ripe banana turns into smelly mush after 3 hours on a plane. I don't know why.

After packing 2 layers, feel for air spaces-Fill them with undies, socks, camera and other wrinkle care less items-repeat as required.

Pack an item or 2 that is ready for retirement. Wear them one last time during your trip and ditch them. Now you have some room for souvenirs etc on the way home. This is an honorable farewell for an appreciated item.

Expect pump and squeeze type spray bottles to leak in flight. To avoid, drain/use liquid in pump part before packing.

For squeeze bottles, empty 1/2 the air and screw cap on TIGHT.


Some airlines now have a maximum number of carry-ons allowed per PLANE. Get in line early.

If you are made to give up your bag on the Jetway or tarmac- Don't panic- breathe, step aside and think. Now remove your keys, meds, cash and any other real essentials or valuables and keep them with you.

If you are waiting at the airport and your flight is 'delayed', position yourself near the ticket counter asap. This is particularly important if the delay is due to 'equipment'. If the flight is cancelled, all the decent alternatives will likely be gone if you are not in the first 10 or so on line. If you don't do this, you may be better off rebooking by phone. Have your carrier's number in your phone beforehand.

At the Hotel

If you want quiet- ask for a room away from the elevator and ice machine-top floor. Specify a 'non adjoining room'. They are just creepy.

Unless you have a reason not to-unplug the phone in your room immediately.

Check the ALARM CLOCK to make sure it isnt set to blare you awake at 3AM and this does happen about one in fifteen check-ins

Use the hotel iron/hairdryer to dry any hand washed clothes quickly if and when required.

You will not be using your set of keys here making them easier to forget; put them in zipped tight place in your main piece of luggage.

Get an extra key for your room and leave it in the car. If you leave your primary key in the room, the one in the car will save you from having to wait in line at Reception-save you a bit of embarrassment also.

Hope some of these help someone someday.
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