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A Real Cool Cat

Posted 05-04-2014 at 02:26 AM by Nostroke
Updated 10-01-2020 at 07:48 AM by Nostroke

So i'm standing pretty near to the Madison Square Garden area on the East Side of 8th Ave and for whatever reason I'm gazing across looking at the west side of 8th Ave. It's 2008 or so-broad daylight, lunch time and there are throngs of people on the sidewalks doing the hustle bustle as cars, honking taxis along with belching trucks and buses creep up 8th ave- going nowhere fast.

I notice a group of people rounding the corner of 29th or 30th St. Men in business suits, shoppers, secretaries etc moving fast, packed a little tighter than normal and now heading up 8th Ave. Among them is a CAT who had rounded the corner with them! He's a typical grey and white short haired no-breed house cat walking the exact same speed as the crowd. He isnt skulking along -He is proudly trotting with the group- even has that little bounce in his step, tail up and no one is paying him any particular attention.He has to do one little side step around an oncoming foot that he executes as only a cat can, but otherwise he is walking straight and with a purpose.

Halfway up the block or a little more the cat stops on a dime, sits, looks up towards a building and begins meowing. The rest of his crowd keeps moving except one guy-a near perfect stereotypical salesman, early 40's complete with a Tan summer suit and a briefcase. He is obviously as enthralled as I am at this whole thing. He just stops and looks down at the meowing feline. The cat gives him the briefest of glances before continuing with the business at hand.

I don't know how she heard him in all the City din but seconds later a woman on the third floor, looking like a haggard old fashioned housewife, lifts a partially open Ralph Kramden style window, sticks her head out and yells to the man "Hey Mister will you open that door right there?"

The Salesman complies and the cat hustles right inside and up 2 flights to his home sweet home.

A New York Minute and life in the Big Apple for a brave and very cool outdoor cat.

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