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Posted 08-12-2012 at 12:41 PM by TomHay

I was just looking at the Golf scores of the last Major for the year. Rory was 9 Under Tiger was 3 Under. The big difference however was Rory was 2 under on his 3rd hole, Tiger was 1 Under on his 5th. Bottom line, holes and chances were being eaten up for Tiger to have a chance.

Why am I writing about Golf in a Pool Room? I could say it is because both games started as outdoors on the grass, but that is not it.

In Golf, you play the course, in Pool, you play the Table. Except for maybe a couple drunken brawls or lagging for break you are never facing your opponent in head on combat. Your opponent is the table, always has been always will be.

If it is your shot, you own the table. The only one that can take it away or allow you to lose is you.

Now back to Golf. Can Tiger still beat Rory? YES, 13 holes down by 6, the possibility is there but Tiger would need his A++++ game and Rory would need to stall or go backwards. This is where Golf and Pool separate, the amount of holes left can make it impossible to win. In Pool however even in a race to 10 and you are down 9 games you can win, if you have the table. Can't be done your thinking? Don't tell that to Earl as he broke and ran 10 racks in Tournament play. Yes, sometimes you have alternate break rules but I don't deem them fair. When you win a game you have won the right to be up first, to break. Back to Golf, the winner of the previous hole Tee's off, he won the honor. So it should always be in Pool.

Back to this later...................
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