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Conversation Between DogsPlayingPool and Fatboy
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  1. Fatboy
    04-23-2011 03:32 PM
    thx for the REP I need it bad for my new account. hope u been well


  2. Fatboy
    12-01-2010 08:32 PM
    a couple poker players sweat Dip, John Rober and Archie come to mind.

    i might be at the swanee, i missed last year and the year before. if its convenient i go.

    in may if im in vegas lets make it a point to hook up..just find me here on these public messages. or if your ever in LA let me know i get here sometimes for a week or 2.

    I'm moving out of Vegas permantly -when I dont know, sooner the better. things are bad there.
  3. DogsPlayingPool
    12-01-2010 07:22 PM
    Fatboy, thanks for the feedback on my Dippy post. While we go flocking at the first buzz of Dippy in action with one of the champions, I wonder if you know if any of the poker crowd shows up to check it out and maybe get down on the matches. Hope you 're doing well, best wishes this holiday season, and if we don't get to finally meet at the Swannee, perhaps in Vegas, next May! Regards, DPP.
  4. Fatboy
    07-24-2010 02:11 PM
    I was so busy during the bca I only went for one day and my back was shit so I laid on the floor of the media room that match room has for their reporters etc. I went back there 2 other times to pick up and drop off cues, I had so much work even if my back was good I couldn't have been there much,

    We have lots of time ahead of us to catch up, the sooner the better, I'm in la now but. Have work to do and my back is shit again, it's been getting worse the. Past three months, it was getting beter for about 18 months, i'm going back to Vegas tomaro and Monday try the gym, I haven't lifted in 5 years, I trained for 14 years straight so going back with limitations will be a emotional challange.
  5. DogsPlayingPool
    05-31-2010 09:42 PM
    Yo Eric, I hear you about the red chalk. Insidious stuff. Can you imagine what Rafael must have looked like with all the chalking he does(lol)? The private club sounds interesting, please keep me posted. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet in Vegas. I was actually with Russ when he texted you, maybe next year if not before. I couldn't make it up to HB for the tourney this weekend - stuff to do. Take care and be well - Mitchell
  6. DogsPlayingPool
    04-09-2010 02:38 PM
    Eric, thanks for the info! I'm looking forward to the Tournaments. I play with Cents now but why not give the new Aramiths a try? Now I'll have two great ball sets. I'll let you know how I like them. Regards, Mitchell
  7. Fatboy
    03-14-2010 12:32 PM
    im in LV for sure in may 702-241-8000 is all you need to know to find me, i dont check voice mail, but TXT is great, please find me. i'm going to be very busy but will make the time to meet up with you, thanks
  8. DogsPlayingPool
    03-13-2010 03:43 PM
    Eric, thanks for the greenies for my post in the Finger Joint" thread. That one was way too easy but I'm glad it gave you a laugh. Sorry I missed you at the Swanee. I saw a guy sitting with Jay that kind of looked like you (from the few pictures I've seen) so I asked him if his name was Eric, but he said no. You probably just didn't want to say hi to me. Create a great weekend for yourself. If you are in Las Vegas in May perhaps we'll get a chance to meet over at the Rivi.
  9. DogsPlayingPool
    12-20-2009 12:21 PM
    Hope you enjoyed the stream. Sorry Johnny got tossed to the West Coast but what can you do, Dennis played jam-up and got off to that 3-0 start. Happy Holidays to you and your family and my best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2010!!
  10. Fatboy
    11-04-2009 07:55 PM
    mike mitchell named me Fatboy back in 86, we been hanging out since 85, he is my best friend in pool, i have staed for months at his house over the years and vice versa. and yeah he can play a little. he can break the balls harder than larry nevel-if he wants to.

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