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Players who not only play with but also like to collect Schon's from all periods.
270 104 292 99
07:05 AM
For owners and people who love South West cues
23 4 4 10
08:33 PM
Photos And Comments - Coll Cues
9 0 0 7
Private club with 2 Verhoeven 3 cushion heated tables and a 9ft and 7ft Diamond Pool tables. Members pay a monthly fee and guests normally pay $10 per day for use of the club. Billiard tables are recently recovered and are regularly cleaned by members with TLC. Tournament is usually in Sept. All are members of USBA.
1 0 0 5
For people who love McDermott cues!
24 2 6 3
10:44 PM
No Gents Allowed. This group is by invitation only.
7 5 13 1
03:46 PM
Many great musicians in the history of Classical Music enjoyed and performed brilliantly not only at their chosen instruments but at the pool table of their times. There are wonderful, historic accounts of Mozart, Artur Schnabel, Moriz Rosenthal and many other luminaries in the world of music enjoy the game and even offer performances in public of their skill. They represented the very best that the human race could achieve in its existence on our planet and they combined their genius and intellect with the love of this game we now call pool. Let us explore their lives and their connection to the game. Let us inform others and elevate the status and respect for the game we all love. As well, let us never forget the great people who made this journey before and celebrate their lives and their work!
2 1 2 1
03:45 AM
Group discussion of Billiard Dealers for sharing knowledge and experience.
15 11 74 1
08:28 PM
The poolhall's a great equalizer. In the poolhall, nobody cares how old you are, how young you are, what color your skin is or how much money you've got in your pocket... It's about how you move. And I remember this kid once who could move around a pool table like nobody had ever seen. I mean, hour after hour, rack after rack, his shots just went in. The cue was part of his arm and the balls had eyes. And the thing that made him so good was... He thought he could never miss. I know, 'cause that kid was me.
1 1 1 1
04:34 AM
just for fun and the love of the game
5 0 0 1
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