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    What's with pool leagues?

    I often wondered why, with the success of TAP, APA, etc., offering all sorts of 8 and 9 ball leagues, can't one of them offer a 14.1 league? Has the once greatest championship game of pool from a by-gone era fallen that far off the radar? Is it because they feel they can't fill a roster of...
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    Help settle a dispute.

    Two friends of mine were playing some Straight this weekend, and a situation came up that I would like your opinions on. Player "A" scratched. Player "B" has cue ball in the kitchen, which is CLEARLY marked with a sharpie line across the head string on the table's cloth. The ball he wants to...
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    Two questions for collectors.

    1. Out of curiosity, of all the custom cue makers, (true "custom", not duplicated production cues), who's cues command the highest price tags, and who's are the most sought after, assuming that both are not same maker? 2. How do you store your collection? In a safe with humidity control? In a...
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    Table set-up

    I have a friend in Stewartstown, PA who needs a table set up ASAP! He cannot find anyone in his area. Does anyone work on tables in that area, or could recommend someone who does? Thanks mucho!
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    What's it worth?

    I have an original It's George case I bought new in the 80's.It's a 2x4 in excellent condition, with two large pouches, strap, and strap pad, in eel skin. Any idea what this case is worth if I were to sell it?
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    Airline travel with cues?

    I have not flown post 9-11. It became such a hassle, I'd rather drive. Before that, if I flew with my cues, I would carry them on and stow them under my seat or in an overhead. No way I would ever check them. I may be flying in the near future and I was just curious, can you still take your...
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    Where'd that sticky go?????

    I was about half way through the "members" sticky, when one day POOF! It was gone. :shrug:
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    shaft sleeve/protectors

    I recently met someone who has a nylon type "sleeve", that slides over the shafts, with a drawstring on one end, to give added protection to the shafts. He said they are from Predator and that he bought them from a vendor at a show. I tried to find them on Predator's website, as well as several...
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    Gabriels/Diamond connection?

    I recently contacted Gabriels for some info and dealers in my area, and they refered me to Diamond Billiards?!? Anybody have any info on the connection? Are they "sister "companies? I can't imagine why Diamond would market a rival table maker unless they were affiliated.:confused:
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    When this happen?

    Holy Mother of Pearl Inlays! I know I've been away from this site for a long while, but when did we get a forum just for Straight Pool?!?!?!?!?!?:D I damn near had a heart attack!:eek: I'm so excited I think I'm going to stroke my that didn't come out exactly right....I...
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    Table light height

    I know this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the thread. Anyway, what is the correct height for the table light? Is it 32"? Also, does it differ if the fixture is flourescent vs. incandescent? Thanks!:D
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    Looking for David Brown

    David, you still around the forum Buddy? Check your pm's.:confused:
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    Your favorite game for fun, for money and for tourneys,

    We all play different games of pool at different times for different reasons. Sometime for fun. Sometimes to gamble, and sometimes for tournament play. My question is what games do you play for each situation, or is it always the same game regardless of the reason? More importantly, WHY do you...
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    Your DREAM table?

    If you had the room in your home and money was not a factor, what would your DREAM table be and why?:D
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    Hickory shafts?

    Being a professional drummer, we use sticks made of hickory, oak, and maple. The most popular is hickory. It has the most "spring" to it, lasts longer, and is slightly heavier than maple. My question is: has anyone ever tried to make a hickory cue shaft? It seems that it might make a great...