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    FS Billy Webb 6 point 3 hi 3 low

    2006 Billy Webb Purpleheart and Super Curly maple. Cue is an 8 or 9 out of 10 Butt 14.83 OZ. Veneers Red-Green-Black with Matching ring work. Shaft #1 4.00 OZ. 12.62 at the top of the ferrule. it has a small roll in it about the size of a credit card. unknown tip Shaft #2 3.61 OZ. 12.83 at...
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    Having problems leaving I trader

    It keeps comming up. There were the following errors: There was an error in your deal details! anybody?
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    FS Summit sneakypete full splice loco mexican cocobolo

    LIKE NEW as NEW Summit sneakypete full splice loco mexican cocobolo into extra curly maple. The butt weighs 14.66oz (not tapped for a weightbolt but could be by a cuesmith) and has a 3/8-10 stainless steel joint pin. The shaft weighs 4.6oz and has a 13.00mm tip diameter. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT...
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    FS Brent Summers Merry Widow

    Brent Summers Merry Widow Gone gone gone
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    Brent Summers Custom Cues

    I bought a cue off of Brent this past weekend, it is a Cocobolo forearm BEM handle and Ebony butt sleeve Merry Widow and retied my former main playing cue of 2 years a Hills custom cue with in just a few hours of using my new Brent Summers cue! The cue does everything I want it to do and more...
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    <***> FS Douglas 12 POINT COCOBOLO <***>

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    WTB Black and White Ebony

    1.5" X 6" round or 1.5"x1.5"x6" square piece of Black and White Ebony.
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    ***> For sale Predator BK 3 <***

    sold sold
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    breaking your cue down

    In a tournament format is breaking your cue down for any reason considered coinciding the match?
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    FS Pat Diveney Ebony and BEM with Ivory sneakypete

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    <***> FS Douglas fancy SP With Ivory joint & Ferrule <***>

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    <***> FS: Very fancy Wes Hunter sneaky pete <***>

    no longer available
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    WTB 1.5"x1.5"x16" piece of Snakewood Best regards, Brian