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  • Hi, Ross. Good to her from you. Hope all is well. Rather than a scooter, get him a Segway.
    That way you can use it in a few years.
    Black Talon? I'm sorry, I live in California, no dum-dums allowed except in politics.

    If I would have had the 400 to blow on the blanks I would have. the seller offered me this deal so he could order more cue making material. I think he advised me that the more shaft blanks he bought the better deal he got. I in no way meant any disrespect or insult as I said. I have sent a message to who I think it was to see if the deal is still there for me. if it is I will copy and send you a copy so you dont think I am being an asshole here. I am not. I was just passing on the information. I was also told that was a deal by a local cue maker and was stupid for not buying the blanks. I am sending my apology for the misunderstanding. john
    Thanks for the rep. Just noticed it. Didn't know about those before. Received an undeserved red from an a$$hole in my first couple of days of using the forum. Happy holidays. Ron
    Did you get your titlist Yet? My butterfly conversion hits real nice and he is working on 2 Hoppe conversions for me now.
    is that your titlist in the picture next to my cue??
    I bought three other John Davis blank conversions from Scott.
    Next for me from Scott is another conversion with a Titlist Hoppe. He says mine looks similar to the one next to mine in the picture. I want to do a Balabushka tribute and then later a Szamboti tribute using either a Titlist blank or a John Davis blank.
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