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  • This is a long shot, that you still have this for sale, but if you do I would be happy to paypal you $110 for the cue plus USPS shipping. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and USPS and Canadapost are the same company. There are no border issues, hidden fees, nothing. They even use the same tracking number. I have done some homework to see what it would cost to ship a jump cue to my address from anywhere in the US and it is $16. I figured I would round it up to $20. If this cue is still for sale, please let me know at robcochranemail@yahoo.ca and I will paypal you the money immediately. You would just have to send me the email that is attached to your paypal, and I will send you the exact shipping address right after. Thanks. Happy New Year. PS: My AZ and ebay ratings are all 100%, and every transaction has been to the US except for one to Greece and one to Vietnam. Thanks. Rob
    X I need some advice. I can trade my Gina tribute and Daggar cue and 1000 for JW in raffle section or Trade my SW, GIna and 700.00 for the Gina by scruggsinhand
    received shafts, all ok, thank you very much, you can cash the check, any questions call 920 680 5390, again thank you, Jim
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