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  • im really new here and was wonder if you might direct me to where to look if i had a question about a cue i found
    I am a new member and have a schick 80 cue I would like to find the value of the cue. Who could help? thanks for your time
    Did you happen to get the Kinisters tapes yet ? It's tax time, right I guess you are quite busy. Any chance that you are going to the billiard expo in Philly ?
    Thx, J
    p.s. I going post up alot of my stuff on AZ, I'll let you know first before I post. I'll going to use that money for lessons which I need badly.
    i hope you like my reply in your kicking thread, its all true-i stand by it 100% until you see Mike kicking in balls its hard to believe, he just sees them, honestly he admits its not a system its just feel and its something he can do, we should all be so lucky. he should have been a pro-I seen him run countless 6 packs playing 9 ball. I dont know how may racks his best is but his break and run % is very high. he could have been a pro with no doubt, he is 44 now.
    hello, its funny, I know we know each other but I can't seem to figure out who you are. Please let me know so I don't feel so stupid.
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