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  • Chandler,

    I no longer have photos of the cue. Although the cue had multiple inlays, what made it much better was that it had 4 mother of pearl wedges in the butt. It was built from an early ebony model 26 1/2.
    No collector had seen anything like it and it had documentation to go with it.

    Good day Rob, I came across an old thread you had posted in 2011. It was regarding Earl Lookabaugh's fancy Herman Rambow cue. The thread no longer has any viewable photos. I would love to see that cue. Do you still have photos if it? The thread may also have said the cue was sold in 2014? I am super curious How many inlays the cue has? If you still have photos, could you send some of them to jwchandlerharris@gmail.com. I'd greatly pappreciate it! Have a wonderful day! -Chandler
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