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  • Good morning Jay, other members suggested I reach out to you. I got a line on a restored House of Lords table. Delivered, setup, with simonis cloth, new set of balls for $1,800.
    It looks exactly like the pictures in JMartin79's post. Table was partly disassembled when I went to look at it. Slate was in great shape. Looks to be held in place by dowel rods. looked to be 3/4 to an inch thick. Any feedback would be great as I don't know anything about these tables.
    Hi Jay - I got your name from a Diamond rep as well as seeing all of the great things said about you and your team here on AZB.

    I live about 200mi away from you in Brewster, NY and I'm looking for a 7ft (all I can fit) Diamond Pro-Am with 3 piece slate either new or used - with delivery and setup.

    Do you do sales & service this far south of you? I'm really concerned about making sure i get the absolute best setup.

    Any thoughts? Thank you in advance,

    Hey, Jay. You haven't been on the mechanic's forum lately. I posted three or four questions that I had hoped to get a response from some of you senior guys, but heard nothing. Hope all is well with you.

    Joe Everett
    Hey Jay, Thanks for the honorable mention! It was my first time doing the live streaming but I think it came out quite well considering... glad you liked it!
    I hope you can help. My father has just finished reconditioning a gold crown1 for me. He had this table along with 9 more in storage. Someone has taken all of the pocket castings. Would you have an extra set of castings to sell me? Thanks,Roger 865-755-7593
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