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  • I just seen a message you sent to me back in April . I came into a place , I never check . So Sorry . Yes I still have some of the old Dymondwood , and some of the new stuff that is much like the old dymond wood . They have Charcoal , and Ebony that are nice . I also have some natural color like maple and a RED the call cocobolo . Again , this is a Poor responce by the timing . Sorry
    Hi Rick. I'm doing fine, thanks for asking, hope you are well also. Funny you should ask as I was just thinking about selling some of my collection. Just don't get to play much as all the pool halls in Salt Lake have closed down, only bar tables here now.
    I have a really nice Chris Nitti traditional (radial pin, 2 shafts)and a real nice Jeff Olney traditional (5/16x14 piloted SS half joint, 1 shaft). If you are interested in either of these e-mail me at rfarr10@comcast.net and I will send you pictures.
    The Nitti will be $995 and the Olney $650.
    Good to hear from you my friend.
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