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  • i would love any apron, when ever you have a chance to look for them let me know, no hurry, please take your time. I hope all is good with you, the date today is cool 1/11/11, I didnt realize that until I had to write it down, I said "wow 5 aces, so what day is the royal flush?" how can you beat that??

    take care,

    my best
    if you ever come across any blank aprons you mentioned you have, please let me know. I miss having one. I awalys thought they looked sharp, I wore one for years. I sure would like to have one and I dont know anyone who sells them. I'm not in a hurry, but if you come across them please send me a message or a REP etc and I'll do a deal with you.

    Happy new year,

    hope you been good.

    Originally Posted by abbassi
    I can understand and agree with the 1st line of your post.

    99.0% of the rest of it is rubbish, not factual, and just your opinion.

    Just saying.
    You know when i first read your reply i got hot and started to post an entirely different reaction.Then i realized WHY BOTHER!
    Just saying:
    hey ahmed its Rob Hanna hey bro how much do you want for that predator cue you got ??I just won a brand new pechauer and if i sell it i might buy your cue let me know bro...have a good day..
    Hey Ahmad,
    I miss our old hang-out also, Carmen has some health issues to attend to, but, he did say that he might open the room back up after the beginning of the new year. I see Nate once in awhile, Gene and Nate have been going to Shooter's, Fanelli & I have been going to Castle -- you should stop down to Castle some Thursday night, we have our weekly Chicago game going.
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