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  • Hi thanks for getting back to me. I'm actually looking for a Tom Gautier or a John parris ultimate cue. If you have any please let me know. Btw what custom cue you have 1 piece?
    Hi there, sorry for the delay, just got back and am still getting myself organized.
    I,ve sold 2 Gauthier,s in the past year or so, one with 2 shafts sold for $1100 and one with single ash shaft sold for $850

    Don't have any more available at this time.

    I do have a Titliest conversion with a snooker shaft and a 8/9 ball shaft (13mm) with the butt at 1.25"
    Also have a couple of new one piece snooker cues I just received this week. Let me know if anything interests you.
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