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  • hay man i beat dean playing barbox 8 ball. race to 5 for 200. we started playing 10 a game then 20 then he said he wanted to bet 100. boy george jumped in and said play him for 200 and i'll put up the dough.

    i worked him like a part time job. i won 5-1!

    been a while since i booked a winner. feels good! i'm up $220 for the night
    hi jeff i am going to houston for a interview and pipe welding test for saudi aramco. I am leaving 7/6/2010. Sorry for not buying your tad cue when i get back 2 or 3 weeks i will let you know about . I would like to have this tad i have 5 of tad`s already.
    are you free this saturday? i get paid on friday and i'll have about 80 i can lose. are you ok with playing 20 dollar sets? heard you did pretty well at eddies the other day. wish i had been there to see it.
    Currently taking appointments to play some One Pocket, 9 Ball, 10 ball on a 9 foot GC2 if anyone is interested. Thanks for stopping by.
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