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    8 ball game

    Hello, I play 9-ball a lot, and prefer soft break.. In 2 weeks i`m going to parcitipate in 8 ball championship. Which break for 8 ball to choose???? I google it, can not find anything for 8 ball! Thank u
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    63" cue

    Is it possible get 63" ebony factory cue with no wrap? Schon, Viking, Predator, Meucci and other brands known in the rest of the world. Thank u
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    help wanted

    Hello from Lithuania to all pool fans. I would like to excuse for my English and start my message. My name is Andrej and I am manager of small pool room in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Pool is not popular sport in Lithuania and to find any info we can only from internet. On my visit to USA I bought...