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    Where iz the big Bonus Ball news that Nostra-Fatboy was predicting???

    What happened to the "big announcement about Bonus Ball in 2-3 weeks" that us peons that R not in the know like Fatboy iz? I thought all we had to do waz wait until the middle of August for info that only a few special peeps like Fatboy know?
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    Who iz pool player Bob Weimar and where iz he from??

    I saw his name here: :confused::confused:
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    Who iz the nicest poster on AZB??

    OK, let's get smarmy :thumbup: Brian
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    Who Iz The Most Obnoxious Poster On Azb??

    Anyone care 2 vote? :eek: :) :rolleyes: Brian
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    Pool instructors and their level of play??

    Does it matter if someone can play or not 2 B an instructor? I kno that U don`t have 2 play like a pro 2 B a good instructor, but don`t U have 2 play decent, at least?? Do U think NE1 that plays below a B level can B a good instructor 4 stuff above the basic stuff? :confused: :rolleyes: Brian
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    New Sheriff in Town or New DCP??

    I dont want 2 hate, but iz flooding the forum wit every little thing that iz happening in sum ones life a good thing? Brian
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    DCP: READ UR thread from 2 years ago U had the same complaint about the same things N got the same advice. Did U take it? R U still in the same place? Brian
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    AZ billards iz IN THE NEWS!

    I saw this post by Smorgass and want 2 say congrats 2 AZ B:) I think his attempt at humor explains THIS: Doug __________________ -------------------------------------------------------
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    Who won the Memphis tourniment?? Is there a chart anywhere? Brian
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    Would You Want To Be These Guys???

    Post from RSB~ From: Ed McCune - view profile Date: Fri, Sep 8 2006 12:01 am Email: "Ed McCune" <> Groups: Not yet ratedRating: show options Reply | Reply to Author | Forward | Print | Individual Message | Show original | Report Abuse |...
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    Pro player Frankie Hernandez~where is he??

    It seems like he dropped out of sight. Did he leave pool? Brian
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    Marcus Chamat wins it!!

    Marcus over Corey 7-3. Corey didn't get the lucky rolls he got against Mika. He also didn't get away with missing a straight in shot. Marcus played great. Brian
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    Players at Johnson City

    Hey Freddy, since everyone knew everybody at Johnson City, did you know a guy who calls himself Fast Larry Grindinger/Guninger? He says he was there, hung around with Omaha Fat and Minnesota Fats. Any truth to this? Brian
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    AZ Billiards DEATHPOOL

    OK kiddies, post who you think is the next AZ poster to get axed. Just need name and bets. Brian
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    Fast Larry is banned again?

    So what's your opinion? Brian