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  • You must be in need of some attention, its simple if my prices are not of your interest just keep scrolling pass my threads. Don't leave negative remarks. All the items you said I seem to over price has been sold for my asking price if not a little less.. I don't know you but when I first joined the forum you were one of the members I looked up to as a solid respected person but now the dark comes to light and I see your true color without even encountering a deal with you.. you are a 'Sour man' and you need help..
    Pls again avoid me Sir!!!!
    Thanks for another negative comment with a 'Green Rep' about my prices on 'MY Cues'. You Paparazzi!!!
    You need to see me and avoid me as I don't care for you or what you do...
    Wanted to thank you for the negative first actually. Maybe I should have posted the thread in another forum but it sounds like you have a bone to pick with Bill Grassley not me.

    For All: This is what "asiasdad" red rep'd me with (in quotes below) when I created a post on the "For Sale/Wanted" section" on a Scruggs that I had seen on Cornerstone Custom Cues site". You're a real piece of work!

    "you are not selling anything here, only hugging grasleys nutz"
    WOW! thanks for the rep. Sorry I just now found this. LOL! Oh well better later than never.
    All standard currencies are fiat even gold and silver. They are mandated by the government to be used as currency.

    The only non-fiat currency that I know are chili pepper during the Mayan and Aztec conquest by the West, bitcoins and cigarette.
    I got the green wraped Lambros conversion from Soldtonight who bought it from Kam. Sorry for the slow reply, just saw it.
    Hello Sir I was advised to give you a shout as a man in the know! :) I am travelling to america via Detroit initially in hope of buying a vehicle and registering it on a UK licence. Pref I would like a ford E150 sleeper van or similar but only have a budget of around $2500-3000
    Would you be able to give me some pointers or advise on a good AZB forum member deal!? :p
    Tasc: I think that is the only reason why I was able to get that cue! I feel lucky!
    Hope all is well.
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