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    Can you please help me identify this cue?

    Hello AZ'ers, been a long time since I've been here. I was hoping maybe some of you could tell me what kind of cue is this... The person selling it doesn't know anything about cues, so the weight, length and the straightness of the cue is unknown. What kind of money should I be paying for...
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    How to gauge interest in local small pool tournament

    Hello. I have been asked to start hosting weekly or every other weekly pool tournaments in our local town pool hall. We haven't had any interest in tournaments for more than a year. Simply because we don't have enough players who would show up. Now, some younger players have asked why there...
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    Fixing/cleaning the ferrule from scratches

    Hello, After sanding down the edges of a new tip, I accidentally brushed the ferrule quite a bit. Never replace the tip if you are in a hurry! The ferrule is made of some kind of cheap plastic, as it's a very low end cue. Now, every time I chalk, the chalk residue will stick to the ferrule. I...
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    Getting in form for a scotch doubles tournament... alone

    Hello everyone! In a few weeks, I will be participating in a scotch doubles tournament. The biggest doubles tournament of the year over here. My partner is a friend I have played a lot together with. We know each others games pretty well. But he lives more than 100 miles away now, so no...
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    Quick help needed

    Hi. I went to play table-tennis or ping-pong 2 days ago. It's more of a physical sport than you imagine. I played for 1.5 hours, sweating all this time. I am in pretty good form but haven't played sports for quite some time. I do ride bicyle every day at least 5 miles tho. And my work is pretty...
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    Rule question... Masse

    Hi. While playing with a friend a while back, we had this situation. I snookered him, only colours remaining. He was not frozen, about an inch between the cue ball and obstructing ball. He raised the back end of the cue, going for a masse shot to hit the object ball. As soon as he hit the cue...
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    WTB: A cue for 200.

    Hi, I am posting a new thread. I am willing to pay up to exactly 200 USD for a simple cue which INCLUDES shipping to Europe (~40 priority mail) Plain Jane, fancy sneaky, simple but nice 4 pointer - those would be nice. Prefer wrapless. Cue should be new or slightly used. At 95% minimum. I...
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    Lets get pool to Mythbusters!

    Hi all! I am sure most you know the show "Mythbusters". Wouldn't it be cool and good for pool if they tested some stuff about pool on their show? I have thought about couple of things they could try. 1. Make a robot that breaks the balls EXTREMELY hard and see how many balls can they make...
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    Ambitious idea to "make" a cue with hand tools

    Hi all, I know this thread should be under Cuemaker forum, but I figured I would get more attention posting here. If moderators so wish, you can kindly move my thread to the correct forum. I have a broken cue. The shaft is okay and straight, the joint of the shaft is also okay. I don't have...
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    WTB: Players with HXT shaft

    Would like to buy a Players cue with HTX shaft, wouldn't mind if the package included a kamui chalk(doesn't have to be new) and a new kamui tip(doesn't need to be installed). The cue can be slightly used or new, just don't want warped cue. Please make me an offer to PM or to my email...
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    WTB: Playing cue for ~150$

    Hi, would like to buy myself a new playing cue. I am open to almost all offers. Only condition: Shipping and cue must not go over 200$. Shipping to Estonia is around 40$. Please, all offers to PM or to Thank you.
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    Suggestion: Don't even get slightly mad at your cheap production cue!

    As I dodged an easy shot for the 5353454th time a couple of nights ago, I got slightly pissed at myself and unfortunately abused my cue. I usually, almost always, keep a pretty cool head when it comes to equipment, but I lost control that time. I hit the tip of my cue onto the table felt and...
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    WTB: Used uni-loc LD shaft

    Hi. Looking to buy an used uni-loc jointed LD shaft. Do not care about the condition, other than the fact that is has to be straight. By straight I don't mean it has to be perfect, but if this affects playability, I am not interested. Don't care are blueing, weight, or tip. Please send...
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    Cheap Chinese cue and video of me playing with it

    Hei there! For a few months now, I have been thinking about buying myself a better cue. I have talked with Mr. Prulhiere and I will probably order a custom made cue for me. But I am not sure, 100%, yet. For about 10 months, I have played with a cheap Chinese mass production cue made by Jiang...
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    New game called 14:2 that my friend invented

    SORRY, IT'S 13:2 NOT 14:2! :) Just the other night, me and my friend were starting to play some 9 or 10 ball, but he randomly suggested a whole new game that he just made up. To make it easy and clear, here are the rules: * Played with 13 balls, racked liked an 8-ball rack, two corner balls...