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  • Thanks, bamadog. Not original with me, but adapted somewhat. It was the image used to represent the 'quantum foam' idea that every particle we think of as tangible matter is surrounded by a foam of 'virtual particle pairs' being created and then vanishing by mutual destruction over very short periods of time. I just upped the scale to a cosmological size.
    Hey Bama !! Yeah, he is a piece of work at that :) be good ... RJ
    Thanks man. I'd love to play this guy! I know I'm a pretty good favorite in One Pocket, but I might beat him at Limit Hold'em too. Might shut him up for a minute.
    Writing's going good. Have a script for a TV pilot that's being repped by New Wave Entertainment, who's produced content for HBO, Showtime, etc. Hopefully something will pop on that. Hope all is well with you. Even though we always butted heads, I liked ya.
    Thanks for the rep ! I was afraid my point was going to be lost on some folks, see ya, RJ
    Give them hell bamadog. I see the hate mongers can not answer simple questions but throw crap instead of providing arguments or answers. Could it be that they think opinions are answers or arguments. Guess so.
    PC is not in my resume...... and honesty is all you will get from me, whether you like it or not..... thank you for the compliment and rep...... and I think the same of you .........:)
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