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  • Ron .. are you a real buyer at some price ?? I just cant get into more cues at this time .. make a real offer in terms of cash and lets see where we might be .. I already have several askin to trade this and that ..but cash is what it takes .thanx .. Howard
    I have in my possession a brand new...never hit...Dan Dishaw Custom cue . It is about a month old. I have a new Brunswick Gold Crown table coming and I bought the cue from Dan after visiting his shop in Syracuse, NY. I have always liked the Scruggs cue and yours would have been my first choice. Mine is Cocobolo and came with 2 shafts. The only thing I had Dan do was to change the Irish lisnen wrap to a black leather wrap and add a Moori medium tip to each shaft. I have about $1500 tied up in the cue. Please consider a trade if you do not sell it.

    Hi, Can you tell me what year Scruggs this cue is. Are you entertaining any trades + cash? Could you email me additional pics.

    Wassup Jay, have you spoke with Glen Lately ?? as usual same ole down the road. Again he has left me hi and dry with these rails with only coming soon . ya think maybe you can swing thru here on way to La. and spend a day and knock em out ?? Let me know if this may be a possibility. But, how you doin ?? Hope all is well with you and yours. Little slow in N. Ms but we keep grindin. Let me hear from ya soon. Howard
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