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  • Dear friends and family,

    I'm excited to announce the grand opening of my new web site and online business. I hope to attract lots of visitors (and prospective customers), so I invite you to visit my site now to learn more!

    Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested, to help me spread the word. To see my site, just click
    Best regards,

    John Barioni
    Once in awhile I still get surprised in life. I read what your wife wrote about you (not being was right here for all to see). What an honestly heart-felt, romantic, loving, respectful and gracious thing to write about one's significant other...

    With that being said...I also viewed your gallery of cues. Outstanding looking cues. Very impressive with the designs, choices of woods and color combinations. I hope I get the chance to hit with one of your cues someday.

    i grew up in Tracy, I used to play at Ferroni's in Merced about once a month, Is that room still open??? I'm really impressed with your work, I hope you do well-i'm sure you will. the more well known you are here the better you will do as a start-up cue maker. This site has so much traffic, you can litterly build a biz with it.

    take care

    Nothing turns me on like watching my man play the most kick ass sport I have ever seen. I would never dare to call myself a player, I just don’t have that talent. Although I’ve made a few priceless cuts in my day, I envy those who have the skill and the know how to capture everyone’s attention in the room with a killer shot. My small contribution to the game is to study every aspect of what a player needs in order to the be able to have the best playing, least deflecting and most exquisitely designed cue , you see my husband is an amazing man who’s love for the game has driven him on a quest to use everything in his vast arsenal of knowledge, plus to study & research all the great builders past & present to build the perfect cue. I love the sport, the cue’s & most of all the players. The engineering of the Barioni Custom Cue's is truly something special. John pours his heart & soul into his cue’s and that’s what brings them to life. Thank you Johnny for letting me be a part of that.
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