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  • Sweet. The tourney sounds fun. I am totally down as long as I can talk the wifey into coming or letting me go alone. Everything's going good here. Haven't been playing much since the US am in early November but trying to get back into it. I was going to come out there in January for the desert classic finale but something came up then I was just looking around and saw the event for this weekend so I'll most likely leave late tomorrow night. Hopefully you don't have to work and I'll see you at Metro. What time does it start?? Doesn't really matter I'll probably get there as soon as they open.
    whuddup!!!! should have at least 30 in the tourny. its 500 added 7 and under 10 ball. i dont know if you were around but we are both 7s now. they will try to get it done 1 day unless they get 40 or more players. it should be worth it. if you need anymore info on the tourny let me know and get it to ya! i will most likely be there barring nothing comes up at work. how's cali and the fam? anyways hit me back brotha.
    is college billiards still open?, I played there in 85-88. I remember a guy there who did tip work Berney Wheat, is he still around??? I miss those days-I was just starting out and was a c player, but I still got the $$$ most of the time.
    Wow thats awesome CONGRATS!!!!! good luck!!! We will have to get together and shoot some. I am of durring the week at 4PM now I work in Huntington I could meet you somewhere up this way after work sometime. Are you playing in the 9 ball at Muligans this Saturday? ttyl
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