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  • Hi Brian im Bobbymac. We spoke briefly at the derby. Considering a 10 foot diamond purchase. 2X4 led sufficient? Also what are the casing options/prices
    for the lights. 228-209-0313
    Looking for a quote for two 2X4 lights or new diamond table. Zip code is 95963. My name is Kevin. 530-588-6952 or I was referred by Kevin McClain.(long time friend). Thank you and happy new year
    I am representing a poolhall in southern mass. I showed him your post and he is VERY interested in this product. I told him I would dive a little deeper into the price and a possible volume discount if he like the first one. as I read you say a 2x4 panel is good for a 9ft table so he would take your word that this is true. we have a lot of top players that play in our area. along with a few top quality pool rooms. so I know that if it becomes a hit around here you would see a huge increase in sales. are there any pool rooms in this area that have these already and if so where would love to check it out. since my poolroom owner is not computer literate is there a phone number of a sales rep he can call? feel free to email me at thanks in advance
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