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    GC IV Side Pocket Issue

    Hello, I have a Gold Crown IV that kicks balls out of the side pockets if not hit dead center and at slower speed. I believe the issue is that the rails were lengthened causing the pocket rubber to push out, causing the balls to spit out. I'm curious of the recommended solution to this...
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    Mechanics for table dismantle and move from GTA to 90mins East

    Good point, the table is a 9ft Gold Crown 4.
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    Mechanics for table dismantle and move from GTA to 90mins East

    Looking for recommendations and contact info for mechanics to dismantle and move a table from North East of the GTA (Ontario, Canada) and going 90 mins east. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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    Purchasing a used Gold Crown, what to look for?

    Well just got back from looking at the table and pretty sure it is not a GC3 but a GC4. There is no Brunswick emblem on the rail top, it has flush pockets and what look to be levelers under the table for the slate. I went ahead with the purchase and now will just arrange somebody to dismantle it...
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    Purchasing a used Gold Crown, what to look for?

    Unfortunately all I know about it from the pictures and what was in the add is that the table was in a pool hall and now private residence. Also they claim it was recently refinished with new rubber and cloth. There isn't a lot of options around here right now for used Gold Crowns or Diamonds...
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    Purchasing a used Gold Crown, what to look for?

    Hello, looking for advice on what to look for to ensure a table is in good condition..slate, legs, apron, etc. I have made an offer on the table and when I go and look at it need to know if its worth the money ($2300) or not. I'm not sure of the age but guessing it is either a Gold Crown 2 or 3.
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    what cues that you own - Canada only

    Dishaw, had it made in 2006.
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    Players Ages @ World 9-Ball

    Just looking through the final 64 at the world 9-Ball and found it interesting that Ralf Souquet is the most seasoned coming in at 50! Says quite a bit for where his game is still at to compete with the rest who are aged 17 to early 40's! Next in line would be... Yukio @ 43 Feijen @ 41 Deuel...
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    Jacoby Soft Hit, What others?

    I recently tried a buddies new Jacoby (HB4T) with the Ultra shaft and loved how soft the hit was. To ensure it wasn't just the shaft I tried the Ultra on my Dishaw and it softened the hit slightly but nothing like when its on the Jacoby butt. I have owned a OB1 in the past and found it way too...
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    Turning Stone - Dishaw Cues

    If anybody is at Turning Stone and wouldn't mind snapping a picture of the cues Dishaw has on display and posting them I would appreciate it. Thanks!!
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    APA Roster for Toledo Format

    Morning, Not looking for a bash the APA thread, just looking for opinions on what APA / CPA players feel the best 'Toledo' roster would be? For this please assume that all players are average within their skill level / region and the max is 23! For those that may not be familiar with 'Toledo'...
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    Ivory/Python in Canadian News

    This article talks about charges and sentencing due to illegal export of Ivory tusk and a "leather case made from python"! It even mentions Ernie in the picture caption.
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    Heart & Stroke Charity Doubles 8-Ball (CPA) - $10,000

    Played in a very well ran tournament this weekend. It was the Heart & Stroke Charity Doubles 8-Ball Tournament in Kincardine, Ontario. Handicap system & rules were CPA and they had three divisions, A (SL12), B (SL10) and C (SL6). It ran Friday to Sunday and the 'A' division (32 Teams) alone had...
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    Joss Model JOS26 Wanted

    Looking for a Joss Model JOS26 which was part of the Cuestix Int. line. They discontinued the cue a few years ago and I have always liked the look. Thanks in advance. Greg