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  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today! I hope the coming years bring you much happiness, good health, and love in your heart.

    I'm sorry Steven, my intent wasn't to get into your cool-aid. LOL

    I'm doing well. How are you doing?

    no worries man. i like the fact you say it how you see it. i try to do the same. maybe some day my fat ass will make it to one of the bigger events and get a chance to meet some of you guys.
    thanks for the greenie.... it just hit a sore spot.....I know how hard my daughter works and what little she actually gets for it.........

    Happy Birthday to you! Hope you enjoy today to the fullest with friends, loved ones, and family!

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile !! take care. CRJ
    Hey Beav,

    I just wanted to give you some much needed appreciation for your commentary on this past week's TAR 20 event. You have a knack for commentary. I think you have a nice balance to the amount of info you provide. Your commentary is a valuable asset to TAR and I hope to see you continue to work with them and provide outstanding insight into the match.

    You don't give yourself enough credit. Great work!

    Best wishes,
    Thought I'd drop in and say Hello! My name is Kyle Smith new operator of Bay Billiards in Fox Lake, IL. Hope to see you around sometime!
    Its something else entirely. Its been my nickname since kindergarten, its been so long that we can't even remember why or how I got that name.
    Beav99_4life, are you an Oregon State fan or is there something else entirely to your name?
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