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  • I new it was right up your style- It has been a keeper here for sure! smashed my finger in a surfacer the other night. got a couple fingers that look like burned out light bulbs. Good think is my grip is only 2 fingers being firm. It'll still be another wk before I attepmt to play. So you will have toplay the daylights out for me! mark thanks for the communications friend.
    I have a new 13 (it only means 13mm,. It is pristine- another new schon(off a top shelf schon.and 1 new jacoby that fits,my ltd. I hope your going to offer good prices - these are all from my collection. I have to help a friend out tonight- just send another message I'll early in the morning- 3-4 mark
    I'm interested in the prather you quoted me. Can you send pics to or text to 409-454-1365? Is it straight
    hello Paul: I'm a bum lately,the shaft is fine. My best friend is having family desputes,his father had heart attach and heart surgery this wk- and I was the one in the icu for the last few days. I hate those places-they just bring bad memorys.(4-5 yrs ago my wifes parents died ,month apart.) But he is fine except for his son refuses to call,talk anything with Mom and Dad and the last son at home who's handicapped. The father has intrusted the family stuff to me(truste of his will )and this wk I got the news that my father has lycemia(spelling off ). won't know till after new yrs what kind if treatable or not. I even decided to send 3 shafts- will have them ready for a Monday shippment-so they don't sit longer than neccessary in the cold USPS. I leave for Amsterdam,then germany ,france by train till New yrs. Then home- thanks for being out there- I put a jacoby edge on a rebuilt schon by Jacoby- wow wow thanks mark
    I fitted the shaft (toda) to the phillippi. I like the increased length- The tip won't bother me because I use an open bridge too!! I took my phillippi out of a hard case-into a soft case for fitting today- and o-yes (almost in an accident,and my cue gets pounded on the floor-People here still haven't got use to the snow and ice. And the truck behind me took to the shoulder/poor brakes. I will get your shafts wrapped up too. Mark
    thanks for the update. I do just love the feel of (gus ) on my phillippi 59". Thanks for being out there!!! Mark
    hello Paul-Ill call on sundaynight or monday morning. I'm way up north and the cell sevice is weak- Happy Holidays
    thanks for the hello- I saw the post and I thought I need some cash quick -those szam shafts. (its in the bank waiting. I'm making a cue for the 1 shaft- a sleeper. Hope all is well my good friend,Mark
    I don't believe it's a model E. I have one of the same cues only with blue double rings. I was told by Chris Tate at that it was made post 3rd catalog for the pool halls to sell. I would check with Chris so at least you know what you have. Thanks.
    Hey Paul, sorry haven't had time to talk, truck still at garage- so doing double duty on 1 vehicle. Wow and thanks- wish Gus was here -I'd order a lifetime supply of shafts- no-matter what the cost. I'm ready to trade everything foe Szams almost. mark
    The Gus Shaft is here safe and sound- I had to strip and clean it-for me to use. I'll let it sit a day wax,and play. It looks like maple now Light brown. Happy shooting- sending my Mottey for refinish to Jerry -R-. I'll have him do the joint protector too- I was out till 4am stayed awake just for UPS. Delivered around 3.Nap time now, thanks Mark speak with you soon.
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