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    Cue Logo ID?

    Great...I kept thinking "mountain" or "Rockies"
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    Cue Logo ID?

    This logo looks familiar but I'm unable to remember or find it? Anyone?
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    I've only seen one of these cues, not the same one, but it had many issues. Butt to joint face was off, wrap poorly done, really odd taper, etc.
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    If it seems to good to be true.....

    Well, we all know the saying. Saw an ad for a custom cue for sale locally. Guy says it's a "Precision Cue Design" from Arizona (Barenbrugge now). Asking price is ridiculously low. I email him immediately and tell him to call me, I'll buy it today. Guy eventually calls me, and I have a hard...
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    Strange Brunswick cue identity?

    Saw a Brunswick cue, butt is about 24" and shaft about 27". Did they make them that size or is this a break & repair?
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    Pechauer PR03 w/ 2 shafts, affordable players cue

    SOld...SOLD.....SOLD! Jerry Pechauer PR03 model maple cue, 58" weight is right around 18oz. Butt looks to be about 14.1 oz and the shafts about 4oz each. Shafts are 13mm, one has a brand new tip. There are a few minor dings on the shafts, the worst visable in the bottom photo, about 1.5" from...
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    FS: Instroke leather cowboy, black 2x3

    Black leather Instroke cowboy 2 butt 3 shaft case. Has normal wear and tear, mostly to the brass closures, the zipper pull on the top pocket is missing. But I might be able to replace before it sells. otherwise in good condition. Asking $150 shipped in the US. Paypal accepted.
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    WB: 2x4 or 3x5 case, cheap

    Looking for a 2x4 case, but might consider one slightly larger. Must accomodate at least 30" shafts and butts.
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    WTB: 5/16x18 flat faced shaft

    Looking for a cheap shaft, 5/16 x 18 flat faced. 30" would be great, but 29 will suffice. Just need an inexpensive shaft to complete an inexpensive cue. The old shaft measured right at 13/16" at the joint. But exact size not a big issue. Tip diameter, closer to 13mm the better.
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    WTB: 59-60" cue, or a Schon

    Looking for a cue, 59-60 but more towards the 60" end of the scale. Looking to spend less than $500, or looking for a good used Schon in that price range.
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    Predator 5K8 w/ 314-2 shaft + leather

    Used Predator 5K6 butt and 314² shaft. Shaft is in great condition and 12.75mm. But has had ivory colored leather added. Weight is approximately 19oz. Predator pool cue with an ebony forearm with six fancy floating snakewood points outlined in ebony and micarta with micarta inlays. The butt is...
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    Identify this Schon?

    Trying to find a model # for this Schon....haven't had any luck. Basic points, no veneers but fancy rings.
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    5 point ebony and purpleheart, 2 shafts, leather

    Will ship in the lower 48 states for $500.
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    Instroke 3x7 leather cowboy cue case

    I'm going to try and sell my Instroke leather cowboy case, 3x7 all black. Has usual signs of wear for a case that's 7 or 8 years old. Nothing broken, just some fading on the brass knobs. Asking $250 shipped in the US. Paypal or face to face preferred.
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    Unknown six pointer for sale

    Six pointer in the SouthWest style, 3 high 3 low cocobolo points with green and black veneers. Cue is standard 58", 13mm tip, about 18.5 oz (will verify weight later). Cue was purchased by me about 7 years ago. I had a new irish linen wrap put on it and the butt cap was replaced, original was...