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  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Chad. Wishing you a nice ride in the coming years!

    I dont want to but i will if u want to call me its on ebay right now for 185 but if u call me ill edit it to buy it now @140 free shipping while we are talking i tried ending auction but it wont let me!!! thanks # is 1-607-857-6003 Fred
    nice to see you posting again buddy, i missed you. I was concerned about you, not your health-I know you were stressed there for a while like i am now. I hope that things have improved for you. I could catch a break and wouldnt complane.

    take care buddy see you soon,


    Happy Birthday to you! *You* have always been an honest straight-shooter. I hope the coming years bring you good health, peace of mind, and love in your heart.
    hey nasty, was just wondering if yall are having any shipping delays with the TAR merch. i ordered some patches a few weeks ago, and was wondering when they might be coming in.
    brandon lee spitler
    kimberling city, missouri
    hey bignasty......are you still selling the its george case the 2/4 by itself....if so how muc are you asking?
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