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  • Bill is there any chance you could contact me by email? I am having a real tough time using this website. It's like I am not allowed to do certain things. I have tried to send you 2 messages now and there is no record of them anywhere.
    Do you still have the poker pool balls? Would you be willing to sell? my email is if you wish to contact me. Could you let me know either way please?

    It was a pleasure meeting you. Let me know when you are in town again and we will check out another pool hall.

    All the best-
    Hey Bill, nope, I never found one for sale. I did find an owner to provide some pictures, but that is about it. I, too, really like Meucci cues. Though, they do catch a lot of flack on this forum.
    great candy machines, i like the ones they have in he UK in the tube(subway)

    take care

    good to meet you, any friend of Chris Tate is a friend of mine, he is a great guy.
    Bill, I'm, glad your enjoying the story. I could use all the publicity I can get, good or bad.

    If you put something in the main forum it would be greatly appreciated. A review on Amazon, if you have an account, would also be a great help.

    Thanks for taking the time to contact me and letting me know your enjoying the story.

    Tom McGonagle
    You absolutely should try again. Not too many places carry this system to begin with, I had to search around a bit and had my local billiard supply store bring it in for me at Games & Things here in West Knoxville. They have a beautiful showroom and they have been really good to me, so I always try to give them my business when ever possible. That's also where I first saw your booklet. They had Nick Varner do an exhibition for thier Grand Opening last June, what a nice guy he is. Would love to see you do a promo for them if you are ever in the area. I know Nick brought a bunch of his cues in to sell, and I bought one from him, I think he did very well.
    I'll jump on your site & check it out, I may not order it for a while, I'm still hitting the 15 rail shot drill hard untill I can get more than two scores of 20 in every set of 5 consistantly, then on to the next one. This one & the mind scramble drills r my 2 faves.
    Hi Bill, thanks for the message and I'm glad you're enjoying the material. I do sell the aiming workout, which comes with a work book and 2 dvds. I tried to talk aramith into a dvd to accompany the balls but got a no go, maybe I should try again?
    Joe T
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