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  • That's cool! It's crazy to think about all the soldiers that trecked over the same grounds over the years, isn't it? They tried teaching me to drive a 2.5T there (stick) and with the hills of that post, it wasn't happening! Didn't figure out the stick thing 'til Germany :)
    Things I remember about Stanley: fresh smell of the rice fields running around/off post at 630am, having to go to Casey for the "good PX", the Katusa snack bar delivering sweet & sour pork (with beer if you wanted)
    Thanks for the rep...!
    Here's wishing you and yours happy days
    thanks for the REP buddy,

    things are tought right now, but i'll be ok.

    I really hope your well, and happy, feeling good. etc.

    i really mean that,

    i can't tell you how much i respect you for that. i see cops breaking the law all the time and not think twice about it. the police almost killed my mom a few years ago because of their recklessness. they were doing 80+ in a 35. they ran a stop sign and almost hit my mom. no lights or sirens either.

    it's actually too bad you quit. it's never a bad thing having someone with integrity around
    I agree! By far one of the coolest things EVER imo! :) I'm so glad Ashley will get to experience this! Super awesome! :):) And yes, Melinda does rock! She more than rocks! :)
    it is funny you mention that, I have been working on it for almost a year now. Totally new experience for me. Thanks so much, I apprecate that! I may cal abut it soon!
    hey just realized people could post messages under profiles lol. i am doin great and its good to hear from ya! how have ya been? also dont know if ya heard but that manager that gave us so much crap that weekend was fired because of it! some justice after the fact but hey, better some than none! keep in touch and stop by the stream sometime.
    Thanks so much, Blackjack. I thought that was in my top five of all time posts myself. Some people will never get it. Ever. Thanks again.
    Nice run Dave :eek:)
    And i think you don t have to remember- you ve already donated so many useful stuff to the community of pool-billiards. You re a great author...and for sure a great player :)
    lg from overseas,
    Dave...LOL about Mike H! It may have been that my Club Membership expired. I thought I had it set to automatically renew...but just did it again manually, just in case! I like supporting the site, regardless! Hope you're doing well. BTW, the kid's camp is a no go for this year. I couldn't get funding. However, it looks VERY good for summer 2011. Whenever it happens, you will be part of my "Dream Team" of teachers!

    hey BJ... you are "one-in-a-million", a really good soul... wishing you all the best life has to offer, miles
    Thanks for the compliment on my 14.1 run. It's nice to hear from someone that understands how difficult the game is.
    Thanks Dave, Hope all is well with you, business is a
    little better now.

    God Bless you

    thanks for the encouragement, Dave. your instructive posts are always appreciated, and very helpful best regards, jim
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