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  • I was thinking about you making me a cue, looking for an HF all Birds Eye maple butt with a white Hoppie ring, 29" long, 5/16X18 SS joint. If you can make this what is the weight time and cost?
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    Hi Ron,
    What will be the handle? Is it wrapless or with wrap? And what is your preferred joint and buttcap? Thanks
    Hello Al,
    It has been a while you haven't showed up, is everything all right? How is our project? I am a little bit worried about you and our project, please reply the emails ASAP, thank you!
    Hi sir. Tks for replying the help to identify the joint. I intend to get a shaft for the cue. Can I enquire through you or your brother?
    Just wanna say..that you are a great cuemaker, and I always believe in you my friend!!
    And still proud I'm your dealer!! more powers to you!
    hello, was just doing some checking to make sure you are associated with dgem on AZ billiards because Ive been talking to him about a cue that you are making. Just covering all my tracks on this deal. Ive been talking to him and getting ready to send money so just making sure its on the up and up. never know about some people on here so just making sure. If you are associated with him then I look forward to seeing your work. Thanks
    Al, can you mail this cue (butterfly) to US? Will it pass Customs? Please let me know..
    Love the raffle win cue Al!! The brushed silver looks fantastic under the lights, and the cue plays like a dream...a real winner in my book...Thank you!!
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