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  • Hi! Everytime I see one of your cues, they just knock my socks off. Stellar work, attention to detail, and amazing wood selections.
    I am not a cue expert by any means, but aesthically you are top 5 cue makers in my book, if not number 1.
    Hi Bob. I just joined AZB. Nice to see u here. How's the 1 pocket gig going? I'm starting to hit the balls a little bit now. I'm gonna be in town tomorrow. I will of course stop by, say hello and talk my better half into sittin while I hit a few on ur green demons. I don't imagine Jack is on here is he? LOL. Tell him I said hello. Mind if I put u on my friends list? Well gonna ease on down the road a peice. You give an old swamp stompin, catfishin, roofin, pool playin, pot bellied, long haired Tennessee redneck, hillbilly, Buddhist a holler now u hear? Bye Bob. Billy Bones
    this butterfly is the most amazing of it s kind ive ever seen- absolutley impressive Bob!!!
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