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  • Thanks, actually you wouldn't believe but I don't any hueblers. I actually have a trio of am it a cues from jim baxter now. Glad you are settling on the coast. I have changed jobs in sept 2012, so I stay home at an office. It was better for the family and the my marriage. Wasn't the best environment and we are so happy. I know we are heading to Cali sometime in the future. I will let you know and we can visit.
    Bobalouiecda, was referred to you to maybe ask some questions about a huebler cue I've recently purchased.
    Thanks! I am from California and Scott makes great cues. I would consider him a good friend, except I've been trying to meet him in person for the past couple years! Hopefully I can meet him sooner than later.

    Happy holidays to you!
    Hey Bob,
    I will take your Schon with 2 shafts for the $700 you asked. Please send me your paypal info Thanks, Ronnie
    you still have any copies of the diekman cue vhs or dvds? Im having a hard time finding his book or dvds. Thanks Jay My email is rtwinne@yahoo.com
    Hello Bob
    just posted a pic im my Huebler album of Paul and my parents when we took Paul to eat a BJ
    hes doing well and im planning another trip in about 3 weeks
    hey found another huebler collector, poolcrazy, check out his profile, he has an album with many cues!
    You mentioned in a carom forum you and your 5x10 table are moving to the Californian desert, which desert town? I live in the low Desert near Palm Springs and Indio.
    More for sure. I hate to say it but the value is going up. I would give this cue away if it would bring Mike back, but it will not. Everything he made is up in value. Don't feel bad about selling it if the money will help you and your family. Mike was a great family man and knows you need to do what you need to do to take care or them.

    will have pictures up of the c-17 in the next few days be sure and check it out,nicest looking star cue you will see.
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