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  • Bob,

    I just joined this site last week. I haven't played much pool in the past few years, because.....well, life happens sometimes, I guess. But, I decided to recover the table at my home and I've started back to playing again. I now realize that my eyesight is pretty rough at this point, but I'm still trying to get back to a level of competency with the cue.

    I'm just over in Salem. Maybe 45 min. from you. I noticed you're a BCA Instructor or perhaps a retired one. I don't really know that many people around here who really love billiards, so I've been looking for someone to help me improve my game.

    Any chance you could email me at: ?

    Not sure how much you play any more or if you even like to deal with players below a certain skill level. I'm still trying to absorb this website. It seems very informative and really has me itching to play.

    Justin Wray username: fathomblue
    Bob -your post re 8ball patterns/reverse planning/trouble ball resolution timing/plan revision was GREAT. I tried to give you green REP but you are Maxed Out after 5 posts! Makes sense. Read that you're a retired BCA instructor. Excellent job. Thanks-

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