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  • Hi Don

    I only get to play snooker when I'm in AZ for the winter. Just a change of pace since I generally stick with pool. Your right in thinking there are no snooker tables out my way, as a matter of fact we don't even have a pool hall close by.

    Anyhow thanks for the info.

    Hi Bob.

    Good to find that there are more snooker enthusiasts in the region. I have a private club with a handful of members in the Northwest Chicago suburbs. I see that you describe your area as far NW Illinois, but I don't see any snooker tables in that area listed on www.findsnooker.com . If it is a public table, you should contact those people and let them know so other players can find the table. If you are interested, I have a website for our little club: www.acesmachinery.com/snooker.htm . Sometimes, I travel for my work and I look to www.findsnooker.com to locate the tables near where I am at. Perhaps we shall cross paths one day.

    Hi Kyle

    Thanks for the info, actually I live in far nw ILL not to convenient for things in the Chicagoland area. Good luck with your tournament.

    Hi Bob. I noticed ur from IL and I thought I'd drop a line ur way. My name is Kyle Smith. I run a family owned pool hall in Fox Lake, IL. I don't know if you play tournaments or not but on Aug 28th I have a large tournament at my room and I'd love to see you stop out. Also its for M.A.D.D ( Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) and VH1 Save the Music. If you know anyone willing to give a donation of any kind that would be fantastic! Thank you for your time and have a great day!
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