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  • Thanks, b! I marvel at this man, and at his critics who cannot see him, except through a glass, darkly (1st Corinthians, 13:12), and not for who and how he really is. Even the elect will be deceived, and his critics are not usually the elect of God, but on the other team.
    I received your friend request and I am thankful and proud to call you friend. I also have my hot button issues, Racism, bigotry and hypocrisy are my main issue no matter who the offender. While I may not agree with you on some subjects I have never felt offended by your opinions. Once again, thank you for the invite.
    Very cool. I love a good wedding.
    Thanks. I try to be. There are some hot button issues for me. Occasionally I trip up. However I am quick to admit it as well.
    I believe Memikey is my personal watch dog. Though I cant confirm this. LOL.
    Is your avatar your family? From what I can discern you look to have a beautiful one.
    A long pent up hostility toward Israel for that attack. Too many question too few answers. I will likely take these feeling to my grave. That what drive me. Thanks for your 22 years.
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