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    The BAT System

    The BAT System OK, you've just gone out and spent $900.00 for a new cue, and you can't make a ball. Your bride is miffed. Sell the cue and Buy A Table. (BAT) Buy a cheap table on Craigslist. Buy an ugly table from a neighbor. Buy a table with stained cloth. Buy a table with old cushions Buy...
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    GC Pocket Castings

    Are the pocket castings for Gold Crown II and Gold Crown III tables the same? I'm referring to the fit, not the material. Thanks!
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    Arcos II or Tournament Black

    Which one will you buy(or borrow from a friend)? And why?
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    GC 3 Side Rail

    Does anybody know where I can find a Gold Crown III side rail (corner pocket to the left). Good to excellent condition, please. PM please. Thank you!
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    Wanted: 7-Ball Rack

    Wanted: ca. 1981 7-Ball Rack made of Dupont Delrin. Sold by S.B. Games, Inc. of Bridgeport, Conn. Please PM. Thanks!
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    GC 2/3 oxblood bosse drop pockets

    Do any of you have a source? Thanks!
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    7-Ball rack

    If nothing happens here, I'll post in the "Wanted" column, but you room owners will probably be the only folks who will remember. When Hyatt "invented" 7-Ball back in about 1980, there was a company that manufactured a dedicated 7-Ball rack. I don't want one of those new wooden ones, I'm...
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    Picture of pockets

    Could someone please post a picture of a couple of Gold Crown 1 and Gold Crown II pockets which would be used in their ball return system. If you could put them up on a surface so I can see the detail, I would appreciate it. Thank you!
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    1950s Brunswick 2 1/8" Red Dot Cue Ball

    1950s Brunswick((Hyatt)) 2 1/8" Red Dot Cue ball Phenolic resin Not cracks, chips, contusions or abrasions. Thanks! Please PM. Boxcar
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    Pool Ball Manufacturer

    I decided to post this thread here because it will get more exposure here than in any other place. I have a need to know the exact name and location of the company that manufactures the American Heritage "Renaissance" pool ball. I reached out to American Heritage, but they were reluctant to...
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    Stupid Question

    Which one of these is the toughest? 1. 143 degree 4 1/2" corner pocket 2. 139 degree 4 1/4" corner pocket
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    Brunswick Metro?

    I posted in the Main forum, but I probably should have posted here first. Did any of you owners install Brunswick Metros when they came out, or for that matter, have any of you used them before? I'd like to know what you think of them. Thank you.
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    Brunswick Metro

    I've read the other posts discussing the Brunswick Metro. Are there any owners here who have current experience with the table. Is there any slate sag on the sides and ends? Is the hardware up to the task? Could they be used commercially with good results or are they truly home tables? Are...
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    I got a "Greenie" from Trent

    And I felt honor bound to share it with all of you. Where's Glen Hancock... 02-09-2020 08:50 AM trentfromtoledo you are nothing but a pest. go find somewhere people like you are welcome. you do nothing for this forum accept talk trash and start trouble.
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    1976 Brunswick Barcelona 9'

    Did anybody ever play on one or set one up? They were only built in 1976.