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  • I stuck with a 2 x 4 light fixture, so no cold spots or no alternating of lights. It was one of those, hey this is going to be easier, I will try it and if it doesn't work I can splice in and go. I haven't felt it was worth changing. This lighting is very good. That being said the additional width is not needed, and the end rail light could have been slightly better and this would have been achieved by having a flanged end instead of a square one. I will get some photographs and send - have an email I can send them to?

    Yes it is an olhausen table with cherry stain. I tried to get the light to match, it isn't perfect but pretty decent.
    Did you alternate them like you mentioned in your post? You were aiming for a 6'x3' light, but the only way you could work it is if you went with 4' bulbs and staggered them. Then you were worried about "hot" and "cold" spots on the table. Do you experience any of that? Do you have a bigger picture of the light? The light looks good in the avatar, but its hard to see because it's so small. I can't believe you're the only person in these forums to talk about the lighting difficulties on an 8 foot table!

    Edit: Looks like we have the same table. Is that an Olhausen table? Cherry stain with the bird-like foot that is latched onto a sphere?
    I've been researching lighting options for an 8' table and I came across your thread where you were trying to make the same decision. Which size bulb and fixtures did you end up with? Very curious to hear your conclusion and reasoning.
    I hope you have a nice holiday season, I'm out sending my eletronic Christmas Card's* to my old & new friends(some people I really dont even know-yet) on AZB, Happy Holidays!!!! I am in the Christmas spearit this year!!


    *This is your card :D
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