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  • Thanks Mike. I love my Schon and it is may main shooter played with a Jacoby edge hybrid shaft.

    I still have 2 break cues and am having a tough time deciding on which one to keep. Just got a Deep impact 2 for my Mezz PB2 and it is a great improvement from the DI1 shaft.
    Hey Brent, Its Mike Murphy!
    Nice to see you on here, I need to updated my profile, and put my new cues up and take down my STL-15's, though I am considering selling my gray Stained Schon as I also use a Mezz Break Shaft, the High Impact Pro (Ash) with a toam tip, but it is in the best shape of all my Schons as it is the newest at about 6 Years old, and its Ebony & Ivory, but the thing is I do not break much as I mainly like to play Straight Pool (14.1) or One Pocket. The one thing I did that might hurt the value is I put the Jesuit suffix "SJ" after schon (Societas Iesu, S.J., SJ ) There is no SJ model to my knowledge but since I am the only owner and my initials are not SJ, it will take some explaining! LOL.
    Well I hope to see you in some of the chats!
    Take care!
    Thank you!
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