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    WANTED G10 ferrule material

    WANTED G10 ferrule material "Need 1"
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    So sick fell like QUITTING!

    Been praticing almost every day. Felt like I was playing better than ever. Matched up against a seasoned player that I've played several times. We go back and forth. He's 60 or 70 and been playing a long time. I'm 40 and been play hard the last 2-3 years. We play race to 9 for $500 the 1st set...
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    SHAFT DIAMETER (smaller I play better?)

    I play with a Gina and switched from the 13mm to 12.33mm and love it. Is there a reason I play better with the smaller shaft?
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    What's the best ld shaft on the market?

    1. WHAT'S THE BEST LD SHAFT ON THE MARKET? 2. Will the diameter affect deflection? ie. ( 12 mm shaft / 13 mm shaft)
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    Looking 4 BAD Gina shaft "ivory&silver ring work"

    I need the ring work to put on another shaft.
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    9 ball break!

    What are the effects on the 9 ball rack, breaking a ball off the rail using center cue ball or draw? I'm interested in what the draw does to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd balls on the side your breaking from. The 3rd ball being the wing ball. It seems that the angle off the rack can be affected with using...
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    How 2 clean a linen wrap?

    How 2 clean a linen wrap? What's the best way to clean a linen wrap.
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    WTB 1 of 1 GINA

    Looking for a good investment under 10K, not sure what the process is but would I be better off haveing 1 made or would I have a lower initial investment buying used? Thanks for your help.
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    buy sell or trade cues for this weekend in louisiana

    hi my name is brian im am at the pool tournament this weekend in louisiana at emeralds billiards in new iberia louisiana and am looking to by sell or trade on cues i have some pretty high cues with me for sell i have a brand new ginacue and a used ginacue, 2 phillipi cues, a really nice coker, a...