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  • Hi Bill, woke up this morning and was thinking of you. Have no idea why. I talked to Alfie a few days ago and he sounded depressed. He said his wife Judi was having memory problems. Anyway, just thought I check on you and see how you were doing.
    just thoughtou might like to know, i have a 4 point, ivory joint Joss with the thick veneers and cortland i'm taking to shoot with tonight. it has the block letter JOSS on the butt cap. fine, fine hitting cue.
    I for one will always be thankful for your contributions to the world of pool, it's sad people can't move on from the dyd cue.
    You wanted to do something nice for the community but health problems sidelined that, no harm no foul in my eyes. I hope life is treating you well and that you have been feeling better.
    Morning Bill I have a cue that is in need of some repairs email me when your free shawncollie10@gmail
    Good morning Bill,
    I'm a very proud owner of one of your cues from the early 80s. I've been shooting with it for 17 years now and it is need of a new wrap. Do you do repairs? If not who would you recommend to do the work?
    Hi bill how r u i just wanted to know if u can tell me a price of one of your cuesif u can give me a call i will apreciate o email me 720-272-6671 or lencho1785@hotmail.com i already sent u an email hopefully ull see it thanks for ur time
    Hello Bill. Have a question that maybe you can help me with. I have a number of Mac Ebony dowels that came from Imperial Billiards in 81' or 82'. These are 16" long and taper from about 1.000 - 1.330. What I am wondering is what these might be worth these days now that they are at least 30 years old if not much more?
    Thanks, Bob Danielson
    Dear Bstroud,

    How much for the Clausing Lathe? Any advice for someone looking to start making Cues? Where are you located?


    Hi Bill, This is Jay Spielberg from A-1 billiards 603 765 6160, could you give me a call when you have a chance. Thanks!
    Bill, I think I have an very early cue of yours, not sure the guy I traded said it was but not sure. If you could look at these pics an see what you think. He said an early 70's cue
    Bill I have an old cue of your probably from the early to mid 70's, somebody before me broke the tendon under the ivory ferrule, an then just shorten the length of the ferrule. What would you charge to repair this. Thank you Robert S.
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