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  • If you're thinking about having Brent make a cue for you.... DO IT! Ran a 4 pack right out of the gate. Best hitting cue I have ever had, and that was painful for me to say as an avid Madison Bob fan since 2001. Brent is the best there is to deal with. He kept me posted on the progress with lots of pics, and any updates I needed to know. I've dealt with lots of cuemakers, and he is the by far the best. He will be making my next cue as well.
    Received a few picture messages from Brent last week of my cue he is making for me. I didn't answer back right away as I couldn't come up with any expression of words that justified the work he's done. All I could reply back to him is, "I'm speechless." A week later, I am still speechless. HIS WORK IS THAT GOOD.
    Hi, my name Anthony from VA. I got one of the Lannoo lathe but can't seem to get it work properly. I can't seem to find a place for a boring bar. The tool post is a little inconvenient cause you have to keep screw and unscrew for tool change. Do you use a quick tool holder for tool change. I f I ask you to make a taper bar for me, how much would you charge? Sorry, if I disturbing you. Thanks in advance.
    My email is :
    Phat Guys in North Vernon. Sat 4/12/14. Starts at 12:30. $50 entry plus Calcutta, 32 players and house adds $750.
    I like the cues I have seen from you, I like the reviews as well. Im thinking I may need to place an order...
    Greeeaaatt. I glad that you love it. Thanks a lot for leaving me a good review. I appreciate it a ton. If you ever need any more cues let me know. Thanks again
    Hey, I just bought the 3 way cue from you, it's amazing. I took it to the pool hall tonight and put it through the paces and I am very impressed with the performance. It looks a fantastic, your pictures did not do it justice. I'm going to review it on here shortly.
    Mr. Summers,
    Thanks for the OUTSTANDING cue! I couldn't be more impressed with the way it hits and the great balance it has! I submitted a review for it in the forums, hopefully it will attract some buyers to contact you.
    Thanks again.
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