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    The Inaugural 2021 NBL 10-Ball Championships - 16 Player Event with a $25,000.00 purse!

    Say snooker schmuck five times real fast
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    Vintage cue ID help

    Ill give more than me..canwinl
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    CTE automatically corrects stroke issues

    They can barely spell cte and abc
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    Where is the CB going

    A good analogy to what you're saying would be to go to a bowling alley and watching the different styles of bowlers which in itself is very interesting. Imagine how nauseating it would be watching everybody using the same style, same form, approach, follow thru etc. Humans share the same...
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    Sold 100 issues of Billiards Digest 1980-2002

    Ok thx..wondering if you might print a page for me on the results and story of the us open if not too much trouble
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    Sold 100 issues of Billiards Digest 1980-2002

    Bob, having trouble picking up PM don't know why yet.if you could steer me as to how, I'd appreciate it.
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    Sold 100 issues of Billiards Digest 1980-2002

    I tried to edit out the gun safe part but haven't figured it out..sorry
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    Liberty Lincoln 35 gun safe

    This early 2000 Liberty Lincoln model , 90 min fire rated, 35 gun safe is in mint condition. PM for pics and info. Canwin
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    Sold 100 issues of Billiards Digest 1980-2002

    Would you consider selling the 1986 BD only. Also, I have a rare Liberty Lincoln-35 gun, 90 min rated fire protection safe for sale.
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    John Schmidt's and Corey Deuel's comments on aiming systems

    JBNC , you are like a fly buzzing around explaining why shit is better than honey to offense but your shit is old
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    A real CTE shot for you to try.

    JBNC, youre soo full of caca we all knew what color your eyes would be even before you posted your creepy pics. start your creepier high betting with us with that creepiest cte bs you prattle..jump off the porch why dont you
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    CTE and a 2x1 Surface Explored

    It's called stanglish.
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    I passed the aiming aspect long ago. What do you call endless filibuster of Simon says do this, flailing of mindless flattering ego driven drama ?
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    The Spark That Lit The Fire For CTE

    Where does someone go to find where your'll get a visitor..canwin
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    The Spark That Lit The Fire For CTE

    All talk no action.