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  • Hi,

    I live in Cary, NC & am interested in the pool table. I've a few questions:
    1.) Was the table ever exposed to elements like direct sunlight, humidity, water, etc. that can impact it's playability?:
    2.) Is there any scratch, dent, warp, cut or crack?
    3.) Is there any issue with alignment, assembling, rolling, bouncing off the railings, etc?:
    4.) Type of cloth/felt & how good is it? When was it last replaced or does it need replacement:
    5.) Does it come with cue, ball, bridge, rack, stand, etc?:
    6.) Reason for selling?
    7.) Can you recommend a reputable local pool mover/installer?
    8.) When is the best time to come & have a look?
    9.) Is the price negotiable?

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