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  • Thanks Kev....Was a very nice holiday. My old 88 yr old uncle was able to come home from the VA Home....They even provided transportation since he can't walk. He specifially asked for me among all of the family to cook breakfast for him and 30 others on Friday morning.
    Wished I would have had a few squirrels....:grin-square:
    Hope yours was a great day....I know you were in the woods....right...;)
    Thanks for the rep, and thanks for the kind words. I'm worried for him, of course, but proud of him as well.
    Hey Kevin .....yeah , except for finding work everything o.k. , hope your doing well , maybe get home one day for the Derby , and some of us can meet up , that will be interesting , talk soon Bro , Mark
    Thanks Kevin....I can't begin to tell you how much of a huge fan I am of Waters....Sometimes when I'm feeling down I put one of his CD's on and I perk right back up.

    Of course a pot of coffee probably would do the same!
    Seriously though....that CD "Amused To Death" is like no's one long story.....almost like a movie. That guy is a musical genius and if you can follow him his story and plot is way out there.
    Thanks a bunch Kevin...
    I never realized just how attached I was until
    ole Cassie breathed her last...
    Your kind words and thoughts surely help with the sorrow....
    Hope things are going good for you and your family as well...
    Thanks for the Rep Kvn. I only need 20 mil to hit 1 billion. The Coors people did sponsor the 9-Ball 1980 Rocky Moutain Open in 1979-80 in Colorado Springs which ran right along with the BCA National Team championships. I was on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Springs Pool League. We flew Minnesota Fats in and put him up for the tourney to do exibitions. So they do have a history with pool. Mike Siegel won the 9-Ball and Tam O'Shanter from Colo Sprgs won the men's BCA which had Bill Stroud on the team. Hope your well.
    Thank you for the rep.
    I simply want to try to bring balanced approach to a topic that does not get very many positive comments simply becuase the vast majority of players don't follow AZ.
    Thanks again, very much appreciated.
    Thanks bud....I think everybody wants to see the best for our country....We just have some strong oppossing ways of going about it.....Our individual differences often stem from our beginnings....I was raised a Catholic, Large family/w 8 siblings....grew up in the south....etc.

    A lot of that plays into the equation...Don't take me too serious when I get riled up....I don't really mean any harm...It's just my way of having fun and not having to suffer the consequences...Although sometimes I admit...I am.... ob...fu*king noxious...

    have a great
    Thanks for the advice, very helpful. Really the damage is pretty minor, it's just a hassle more than anything. It could have been worse.
    Hey, Kevin-
    Doing well. Thanks for the rep, bud. 2009 was a tough year, but I just finished a CD of 5 songs which were a catharsis for me, I did everything into the computer, kinda quick and dirty, but I am pretty happy with it. Shoot me your address and I will send you a copy if you like-

    -Stay Well-

    Thanks for the rep bro,nice lick for sure,and yes I get ball in hand a LOT lol........
    Thank you for the Rep.
    What is the person's name you are talking about?
    i will REP you soon as it lets me, thank you for such nice words in your REP to me, that means alot.

    Dude, the visitor messages say a lot about you! You should be proud. I see a complete spectrum of contributions, from an array of personalities. Let's just say you have a bountiful bevy of friends :). I think I know why. You are of the type that the masses follow. Can't understand the red hot chili reppers, but I suspect that it will never sour your soul. Do your thing man!
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