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  • So sad you had to pollute the thread about Jeanette Lee. Instead of honoring her and wishing her success, we have to read your side show. Do her a favor and delete your comments. Its about her. Keep it about her.
    so sad that you can't read. I was the one running off the goof ball who was ranting that JL is too rich and should NOT be helped as there are other worthy causes besides her. So, PISS off asshole.
    Hope you're doing well, RJ.

    Since Trump lost, and we split the first two $100 bet conditions, you owe me $100 on this last decider.

    Let me know when to expect it. Thanks!
    Am I in the right place to see a background investigation challenge? Let me know. Ok don't argue at the apple butter.
    Yes, deal. Was about to get some new chalk, I prefer blue too. I had been doing a pretty good job with that but I couldn't resist and it's slow at work.
    Hey I like Magic Chalk too! How many colors are there?
    I'm also interested in G2 Chalk and Taom Chalk! Great Thread!
    Thanks for the kind words , I have already been rewarded way beyond my imagination from helping this family.
    They are always on my mind and I pray they are doing well.
    I knock wood everyday. You can keep your foot up their asses but you never know who they will fall in with. Luck. We also let them study in college what they wanted to hence their passions for their jobs. My son works for a large German software firm, SAP, at their North American headquarters. He interned with them and has been there ever since. They have rewarded him more than handsomely and paid for his masters degree.. We were at a Phillies game a couple weeks ago and he mentioned that he never worked a day in his life. I am sure your son will make you proud. Seems like you are head over heels for your boy. They pick up on that.
    Sure, happy to share my been there done that experience.

    My best wishes to you and the missus with this heartbreaking situation. Tough love is tough, and no easy thing.
    Thanks for the feedback, RJ. I hear that a fair amount.

    A couple of things though. Notice the ? on the end. Is it true? Who knows? But it was leaked to three news outlets, and they did report it.

    I'm sorry if it offends you when I satirically say Trump is meticulous and plans everything so carefully, meaning, as you know, I think he doesn't. Because he doesn't. Who claims he does? He's a bull in a china shop who rushes into things quickly. So I find the reports credible if only for that reason. It fits his type and MO, undeniably. Is that some leftie slander that isn't true, or the pure truth?

    Lastly, I think you may have accidentally greened me, meaning to red rep me. I don't mind, but just in case it was a mistake, go for the red next time if that's what you want to do.

    Best wishes to you overall, and good luck trying to stick to your statement you'd be off the NPR discussions. I know that is hard.

    Ill take a 4xl tshirt and a box of magic chalk blue. send me a paypal invoice please sir... 1600 rice road , tyler tx 75703 Daniel McMillin
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