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  • Hello Chuck......reviewing old you still have any of these lathe mounted cue tip shapers floating around? I'm interested in buying one only because I don't feel like making it plus I don't have any square steel stock at the moment. Thanks much,
    Hi. I am not sure you received it, but I sent you a PM with questions regarding the Mezz WD-700 shaft you have for sale. I am interested in purchasing but would like to know a bit more before moving forward. Thanks.
    Hy Chuck,
    As a big big cue collector I'd like to know YOUR oppinion, about that Schön augmented 2013 their Ltd. editions from 12 to 25 and the Elite from 7 to 12 !?
    If you got a minute, please read my posted Schon social group dicussion:
    - A greath merchandising concept or just a big mistake?! -

    All the best from Switzerland, Roberto (al-capool)

    P.S. Would be nice if you and me could be friends!
    I understand you are out of the #2 razor rest. Do you have any #1? I want to buy one but don't know how to send you an order and payment. Help!
    Chuck, I had a pm from another azer asking for the shaft. I told him he had it before I saw your post in my thread....P.M.O is fine and if the deal falls through with this fellow I will contact you amd see if you are still interested in the OB shaft. Sorry about the mistake. I should have looked at the thread before I sent any fault and I appologize buddy.

    Is this cue still available?how much if it is shipped to jakarta indonesia? Please sent the reply to my email Thx
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